Servant Leadership -Love in the Business Sense

This article from a year ago, one of the best descriptions of servant leadership, is worth a read.

Research Shows This 1 Rare Habit Separates Successful Leaders From All Others

If after you have read it, you worry -or maybe you already know- that your leadership teams down to the first level are not servant leaders, you might want to give us a call, because we can help.

We know what authentic servant leadership looks like in action, how it can transform your workforce into … Read More

Gratitude and Appreciation – Critical to a High Performing Culture


There isn’t much I can add to these two articles, except to say this; if your leaders – especially your frontline managers aren’t making the time to do these kinds of things, or don’t understa... continue reading

But What About Behaviors?


Last year, I talked about how the proliferation of metrics, KPIs, and dashboard management reports actually creates more non-value added work and wasted time than any value derived from them (see “K... continue reading

Deloitte CEO’s Leadership Strategy in One Sentence


A great interview from earlier this year with Cathy Englebert, one of those leaders who clearly “gets it.”  Note especially what Cathy says about how to foster employee trust and engagement, and ... continue reading

Leading is Coaching


Training, no matter how comprehensive or effective, will not ensure that your team members’ performance or engagement is where it should be. Leaders need to feel comfortable and confident to augm... continue reading