Leadership is Managing Everything

October 2, 2018

An article that is spot on as far as needing to deal with teams’ issues beyond typical performance metrics and management practices.

Nothing more than Feelings? Think again: Leadershift

Many companies seem to forget that when they hire someone they get the whole employee …biases, trust issues, problems outside the workplace, etc. …and not just the person’s abilities and skills. Throughout my career leading business operations, something I have always stressed with my leadership teams has been the need to fix any trust issues and team dynamics dysfunction before you can work on improving operational performance.

One early step that can be critical is determining whether morale, trust, and underperformance problems are rooted in employees who were never the right fit for the jobs they are in. There are several assessment tools that can help with this, and for those that were not, good leaders should work with them to help them find better fitting jobs in the organization.  These assessment tools can also uncover some key behavior and personality traits that often drive the lack of mutual trust and respect among the team members.

The fact is that many organizations fail to see the importance of providing effective behavioral coaching, mentoring and training on what they typically call the “soft” issues. In particular, I find they neglect to equip their first level managers with the skills needed to deal with these kinds of employee issues on their teams…a self-destructive practice in organizations that value promoting from within.

MIG & Associates continues to focus on addressing and solving operational problems with an integrated whole team approach …not just improving productivity/quality metrics but also how effectively the team members work with each other and with their managers; because you really cannot ignore either one.

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