Best Practice

At MIG & Associates, we are committed to bringing cost effective solutions to your business operations.  We offer the following services:

Operational Effectiveness

Business operations execs are focused on making sure their areas are meeting productivity and quality. But many organizations have not mastered the ability to improve quality without increasing costs. We like to think in terms of operational effectiveness – how much good work your teams can produce the first time around. The most effective operations are those that have figured out how to eliminate rework to improve quality, service delivery and reduce costs at the same time. How about the effectiveness of your business operations?  Are you measuring the right things, in the right way? Do your teams understand how to pull the right levers to influence and sustain effective performance? If you’re not sure, we can help you figure it out – and work with you to increase your operational effectiveness. First, we will understand your business and what your customers and stakeholders expect of you. Then we will look – thoroughly – at how well your operations connect to and support your customer objectives and your organization’s goals. We also evaluate how well your strategic operational planning, tactical execution, staff and leadership capabilities are aligned. From service delivery platforms and enabling technologies, to integrated processes and metrics, we will identify, develop, and help you implement the initiatives needed to create sustainable operations excellence and customer service.

Leader & Manager Development

It’s been said that good leaders can account for up to 40% of an organization’s success. There are a lot of firms that offer great C-suite and executive coaching programs. But what about your mid-level and front-line managers – the ones you want to grow into your next generation leaders? Who is addressing their development needs – which are your development needs too? Succession planning begins with sound strategies to identify, and retain high-potential managers and emerging leaders. Sustainably successful companies recognize and act on the need to cultivate the organic development of top talent in their organizations at all levels. Check out what the author of this article says about how the best managers share a fundamentally different understanding of leadership dynamics. We think this makes a lot of sense and we can help your managers to become better leaders by creating and delivering tools and services tailored to meet their leadership development needs – and your organization’s need to develop them.

Team Performance and Staff Development

38% of respondents to a recent survey by Cerius Executives (“Five Business Challenges that Keep a CEO Up at Night”) said that their teams not being on the same page/not getting along was a major source of insomnia. Good leaders will always need good teams to be successful. Creating an effective team, fully engaging them around their mission, and equipping them for sustainable performance against goals are all critical factors in your organization’s success. Do you have the right people on your teams? Are they in the right roles? Talk with us. We can show managers and their staffs how to better understand the dynamics of their teams to create an environment where each person can recognize and use his or her individual strengths to become part of a high-performing team. High performing teams don’t just happen; they need to be built, and they need to be sustained. Almost all of them have key things in common, including:

We can work with leaders and staff through assessments and observations to create a strategy for achieving –and maintaining – high performance and engagement. We show them how to measure what matters and evaluate the data to develop a continuous improvement mindset and strategy. We teach your leaders and influencers how to establish team norms, how to model effective and collaborative communication and performance feedback, how to create better alignment within the teams, how to effectively resolve conflicts, and how to own and manage their career success and development. If you want to take your team’s performance to the next level, give us a call to discuss your situation and how we might help.

Change Leadership and Management

Many change efforts fail or achieve only partial success. These disappointing results are often due to a lack of organizational clarity around the differences between change leadership and change management. If you are challenged by an urgent change effort in your organization, talk with us. We understand that your leaders must champion the change effort in your organization. We can help your leaders and managers to understand and effectively communicate the need for change, to navigate the dynamics of the change process, and to manage the impacts of change on the leaders and staff involved. We will guide your leaders and managers in planning/organizing the change effort – orchestrating the tactics and managing the execution to institutionalize the change. And we don’t take a “fire and forget” approach; we work side by side with your leaders and teams through the change cycle. We help them to: